Top Hiring Challenges Faced By Companies

If Engage Recruitment Agencies

Quantity Over Quality

Companies may receive a lot of not-as-qualified profiles

High Recruitment Fees

High fees and does not guarantee getting a suitable hire

If Use Multi-Functional Staff for Hiring

Hiring may not be Prioritized

HR/Admin overloaded for their work, hiring may not be prioritized

Lack of Experience in Hiring

The multi-functional staff may not have experience in screening talents

Long Cycle of Hiring

Hiring may take longer since not much in-house expertise in recruitment

How We Can Help With Your Challenges

Shorter Recruitment Journey

We focus on sourcing Suitable & Qualified (SQ) candidates, so you can focus on reviewing and onboarding candidates

Cost Effective

We run outreach campaigns on various job portals, more cost effective than you subscribing for individual platforms

Assigned Specialist for Each Account

Our specialist helps you tailor job description and pre-screen the SQ candidates for you

We Shorten Recruitment Journey For You

We do bulk of the hard work so you can focus on engaging pre-screened applicants. Besides, we review and refine job description (JD) for you to ensure we attract the right candidates

Campaign Details

30-Day Campaign

1 JD, unlimited hires, we market on public channels for 30 days.

Guarantee at least 2 SQ (suitable & qualified) candidates for interview.

Pricing Details

We can customize the campaign for you!

Contact us to find out more today.